After completing a general information and health questionnaire form, I will sit with you and ask a lot of questions to better understand you, your condition and your health goals. Next, I will perform both a general and focused physical exam which may include having you perform certain movements while I look and feel for any restrictions or changes in movement patterns. Once I understand your condition, treatment is started using manual therapy (see ‘How Osteopaths Treat’ and ‘Techniques Used’). Following treatment, a quick re-evaluation is done to assess your body’s response to treatment. The first appointment is then concluded by seeing how you feel after the treatment, as well discussion your personalized treatment plan. You will also be given therapeutic stretches and exercises to complement your treatment, and be referred to another therapist if need be. The first appointment lasts anywhere from 60-90 minutes. A follow up visit is scheduled 3-7 days after our first appointment.

The initial consultation is 60-90 minutes while follow up appointments are 30-60 minutes. These times may vary based on your condition and treatment plan.

Osteopaths use their hands to gently manipulate structures of the body such as the muscles, joints, ligaments, and tendons. They also create an individualized home exercise plan based on functional outcomes, as well as give postural and ergonomic advice.

You may be surprised to hear that most osteopaths treat very differently. Osteopathic education varies from one school to another and is also dependent on the school’s country of origin. Osteopaths may also prefer certain osteopathic techniques to others and may have also had additional training in other manual therapy techniques and/or treatment modalities.

The amount of treatments will be highly dependent on your condition. Many times, 1-3 sessions are all that is needed. On average, I see patients 4-6 times over a period of 2-3 months, although chronic conditions may require up to 4 additional treatments. Osteopathy does have its limitations and cannot resolve all issues all of the time. I will always be honest with you in what I can or cannot do with your particular condition.

Osteopaths do not render a medical diagnosis, they do offer an osteopathic diagnosis called somatic (‘body’) dysfunction. The criteria include changes in tissues texture, pain or tenderness, restriction of motion, and asymmetries in body structures.

Osteopathic treatments are not covered by RAMQ but are covered by most extended health insurance plans. Please check with your insurance company to see if your plan includes osteopathy, and if your insurance company recognizes RITMA or the ACODM.

Although many doctors refer their patients for osteopathic assessment and treatment, you do not need a referral. Simply call the clinic to make an appointment.

Osteopathic education is not regulated in Canada and varies widely from 9 months part-time to 4 years full time. On average, programs are 4-5 years in length and may be taken on a part-time basis. In the first years, students learn osteopathic philosophy, medical ethics, as well as the basic sciences including gross and functional anatomy, embryology, biochemistry, molecular biology etc. Students then learn biomechanics, orthopedics, pediatrics, obstetrics, geriatrics, and more. Throughout the program, students also learn osteopathic manipulative therapy and its application in managing patient conditions.

Initial Consultation……..$100.00Follow-up…………...…..$100.00Home visit………………$150.00Infant/Child……….….....$50.00Cupping Therapy……....$50.00 (not covered by extended health insurance plans)Sporting Event Coverage…. Prices vary; please contact to discuss your needs-All forms of payment acceptedMy service fee has no tax as osteopaths are exempted from charging taxReceipts issued for insurance

While the title ‘Osteopath’ is a protected title in most of the country and the world, it is not in Quebec. Osteopathy has its roots in the United States where Doctors of Osteopathy (DO) have all the same rights and privileges of Medical Doctors (MD). They can order diagnostic tests, perform surgery, and prescribe medications. Osteopaths in Quebec use the title of DO as well yet it means Diploma in Osteopathy. Education and training is focused purely on osteopathic manual therapy. Other provinces in Canada use the title DOMP, Diploma in Osteopathic Manual Practice differentiate osteopathic physicians from manual osteopaths.

Without appropriate notice, cancellations affect three parties. First, you miss the benefits that you would have acquired from a treatment. Second, we as therapists lose revenue, and third, another client who would have taken the appointment misses out on a treatment.Patients are responsible for all charges incurred, both for services rendered and for cancellations with less than 24 hours notice. We require 24 hours notice for cancellations or changes to appointments. Please note that a cancellation fee of 100% will be charged for any appointments missed or cancelled without 24 hours notice.