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Scoliosis-Specific Back School

The Schroth Best Practice Program™ was developed to help people with scoliosis and/or kyphosis. It is composed of five separate learning modules where patients gain essential information to manage their spinal condition.

Supported by research

A best practice conservative form of treatment for scoliosis.

3D treatment method

3 dimensional exercises adapted a patient’s specific curve pattern.

Patient education

Empowers patients by giving them the tools to manage their scoliosis.


The 5 complete modules

This is where I teach patients specific movements to increase the flexibility of their spine. I also teach parents simple massage techniques to relax their child’s tight and stiff muscles. For adult patients, I do this myself to help manage their pain.

In this module, we learn two exercises that target the 'side profile' of the spine. It is extremely important and often not addressed.

This is where I give patients incredibly useful tips and tricks that they can apply every single day, 24 hours a day, that will help their scoliosis. In this module we address how to sit, stand, walk, carry bags, and anything else that is relevant to the patient. Simple modifications to ‘ADLs’ can make all the difference long term.

We all lead busy lives and sometimes do not have the time to do a full work out session. That is why I show patients a simplified version of the exercises so that they ALWAYS have time to incorporate it no matter how busy their schedule is.

These are the gold standard of scoliosis-specific exercises. There are no other exercises out there that have been proven as effective in treating scoliosis. In this module, we learn at least five scoliosis specific exercises.

Who is the program for?

It is for people with scoliosis and/or kyphosis who want to feel empowered to treat their scoliosis without the need for surgery.

✔ Pre & post-surgical scoliosis⠀⠀✔ Scheuermann’s kyphosis⠀⠀✔ Adult scoliosis⠀⠀✔ Adolescent idiopathic scoliosis


Goals and objectives

Empower patients to self-manage their scoliosis Stop or reduce curve progression Stabilize spine and improve body mechanics Improve postural appearance Postpone or avoid surgery Prevent or manage pain Improve lung function Improve strength and flexibility


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